Slam and Becky's Motto: Working Toward the Greater Good!

Slam Inc. is husband and wife duo, Becky and Slam Stewart, who have been working together since 2004 in the central Virginia and metro D.C. area. Their focus is on teaching and sharing their musical gifts as far as their journey together takes them! To see all of the musical offerings of Slam and Becky and some prices for their work, click on services.


Becky and Slam are pleased to present their diverse family of bands that look forward to performing for your next special occasion, corporate, or private event. Check out the schedule of upcoming performances or "Like" Slamone LLC - Bands on Facebook to receive regular invitations to events.

Interested in BOOKING any one of the family of bands?

Contact Becky Stewart: 540-287-3722. Email: becky@slamone.com


*** BECKY Y SLAM, a locally-popular musical couple, can play as a dynamic duo, a tantalizing trio (add saxophone) or as a bodacious band by adding guitar, bass and the sweet vocals of husband and wife friends, Janet and Keith McConnell! Becky Y Slam is available to play local venues, house parties, and private receptions with their eclectic mix of originals, jazz standards, funk, and pop tunes with an Afrocuban flavor. Click below for a favorite song request, "THE IGUANA SONG", about a 'vacation gone bad' that Becky and Slam perform around the town of Fredericksburg, VA.

Becky Y Slam Song Sample - THE IGUANA SONG


*** SONS OF SOLOMON is a locally-popular reggae family band whose lead singers are fun-loving brothers Ryan and Roy Childs. Joined by Becky and Slam, the band delights delight audiences with their energetic interaction on stage (especially when Ryan starts bouncing). The band performs reggae covers in celebration of "Jah" and compose originals with messages of one love, peace, faith, and hope in a world at times filled with strife. Check out some of their originals:



SOS Song Sample - 10,000 YEARS OF BONDAGE


*** SUNSET SYNDICATE is a great party band that features hula-hooping vocalist, Amber Lawrence, one of the singing ladies of the 'burg' who also performs as a duo with Becky and Slam as "SUNSET SIRENS". The full 5-piece band is great for family fun, birthday parties, outdoor parties where the kids (young and old) can dance and take a turn at the hula hoop. It's like riding a bike!

VIDEO - NEW RELEASE (September 2014): "I AM" Video

Sunset Syndicate Song Sample - BLUE ICE

VIDEO (2013): "I DIDN'T THINK" Video










Go to Slam's My Space page to see a video of his amazing non-stop show to demonstrate the Duallist bass drum pedal (single pedal, double stroke) at the Guitar Center at Spotsy Towne Centre: www.myspace.com/slamerone/videos


JULY 2015 NEWS: Summer is in full swing and Becky and Slam start off the month with a "big bang" celebration with gigs thru the weekend! BECKY Y SLAM start out performing their electic mix of music (as described in the Fredericksburg newspaper's Becky and Slam article) at one of their favorite venues in town:

THURSDAY, 2 JULY, 6 - 9 p.m., BECKY Y SLAM at Amy's Cafe! Drop by for a frosty beverage at their full service bar or have a nice dinner at Amy's located just under the Falmouth Bridge off of Route 1 at its northwest corner, Call (540) 373-3663 for dinner reservations.

SUNDAY, 5 JULY (5-8 pm) BIG FUND-RAISER: Becky and Slam and their Sons of Solomon reggae are teaming up with Catalyst and Foundation for the Healing Arts for a "House Party at the Catalyst". The show is for the benefit of the Catalyst Youth Performing Arts program that is to provide workshops on music and the recording industry for Fredericksburg's inner city youth this fall. Catalyst is located in Fredericksburg (3451 Jeff Davis Hwy) on Route 1 just north of Harrison Road across from Radley Chevrolet and next door to Enterprise Rental Car.

Click here for a full schedule of July 2015 gigs.

NEWS ON THE STUDIO PARTNERSHIP OF SLAMONE LLC AND CATALYST: Thank you to all of our supporters for your support of Becky and Slam's new recording studio venture in 2015. Becky and Slam and the Slamone LLC Creative Studio provides pre-production and creative (arranging/composing) services in partnership with the THE CATALYST as featured in a great WHURK magazine article hot off the presses in July!

Read more about the new studio on the new Catalyst web site: Catalyst is a multi-media production faciliity that specializes in studio recording, live recorded broadcast (on-stage in the new facility), and electronic repair. Check out this article published in the Free Lance-Star last Fall when the construction first began: CATALYST "Entertainment Firm Opens in Spotsylvania".

CONNECT WITH FACEBOOK: Contact Becky or Slam through Becky Stewart's Facebook Page or Slam Stewart's Facebook page. You may also "Like" the Slamone LLC - Bands Facebook Page to get updates on the vast array of bands that span the genres of jazz, funk, Latin (salsa and jazz), smooth jazz, R&B, soul, reggae, gospel, and rock for your special event!

Please provide Becky with your email address to get news on performances and events at the Catalyst.


Slam and Becky Stewart invite you to come visit them in their music studio in King George, VA (a division of Slamone, LLC, incorporated in the state of Virginia on March 20, 2009).

SLAMONE LLC CREATIVE STUDIO (aka Cut-Time Studio) is the in-house studio of Slam and Becky Stewart, located in King George, just outside of Fredericksburg, VA. The 900 square foot studio provides new and comfortable classroom and music rehearsal space, a vocal isolation booth, digital recording capability, and music transcription and songwriting and music creation services with the Korg Triton music workstation.

The recording studio is open and available to all levels of instrumentalists and vocalists, and especially family members of any age. Got a song to sing for your honey? Or a birthday jam to record for your friends? Or a Christmas greetings tune to send to your family? Slam and Becky will hook you up at an affordable cost!

Need LESSONS? Becky and Slam teach lessons at their studio in drums, piano, voice, flute, guitar, bass, and songwriting. Please email Becky at becky@slamone.com and Slam at slam@slamone.com if you are interested in private lessons.

Also call for a tour and to stop out and have a cup of coffee with Slam and Becky. The studio phone number is (540) 775-9818.


Travel eastbound on Route 3 (William Street) passing through old town and crossing over Chatham Bridge.

Turn left at the light at the end of the bridge, go to 2nd light, then turn right (at CVS to your right) onto

White Oak Rd/Rte 218

Go ~ 5-6 miles, then turn left onto Route 600 (Bethel Church Rd) just before the big brick church

Go ~ 3-4 miles thru the curves then turn left onto Route 654 or Belvedere Drive

Studio is 1/2 mile down on your right at 2162 Belvedere Drive, King George, VA 22485 (there is a beige-covered mailbox with an "S" on it).


JULY 2015 SCHEDULE (View full info)

Blessings to all of our friends and family and best wishes for peace and love with music!


Becky and Slam

  • THURSDAY, 2 July, 6 - 9 p.m., Becky Y Slam, Amy's Cafe, 103 W. Cambridge St, Fdbg, VA
  • SATURDAY, 4 July, 9 pm - 1 am, SONS OF SOLOMON (Reggae), Colonial Tavern, 406 Lafayette Boulevard, Frecericksburg, VA
  • SUNDAY, 5 July, 5 - 8 p.m., SONS OF SOLOMON, House Party at the Catalyst, 3451 Jeff Davis Hwy, Fdbg, VA
  • SUNDAY, 12 July, 1:30 - 4:30 p.m., BECKY Y SLAM, Cooper Vineyard, Mineral, VA
  • THURSDAY, 23 July, 5 - 9 p.m., Catalyst/SlomOne Studio bands perform for "After Hours Event", 3451 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Fredericksburg, VA
  • FRIDAY, 24 July, 8 - 11 p.m., Catalyst Family Band Open Mic with Becky, Slam, Tanyah, and Bryce, THE CATALYST, 3451 Jeff Davis Hwy, Fdbg, VA

FOR BOOKING, CONTACT BECKY STEWART AT (540) 287-3722. Email: becky@slamone.com

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